W. R. Nager, Sculptor

Shown above is Mr. Nager's newest custom designed sculpture
which is a scale model of a proposed 18' tall
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel work titled "Upwelling".
The inset image shows a potential installation 
with central fountain in front ofa large public building,
private estate, exclusive gated community, or corporate park.

Sculpture should bring Joy to the Eye
and Peace to the Soul.
Although thought provoking,
sculpture should never be lewd,
lascivious, or of an evil nature, but
reflect the Love of The Creator
who inspires us all, 
and grants His abundant gifts.

Links to New Sculptures, Click image to see full details

Copper Hoods
Hand Crafted Kitchen Hoods, made from hand hammered copper with steel frames 

Horse Head 
This forged sculpture was
created from 1 1/2" thick by 4" wide iron flat bar. It is totally done in the fire by hand and hammer with a few specially made hand tools. There is no filing, sawing, grinding on this piece. 
It's approximate weight is 16 lbs.  

The Man with The Elephant Baggage
This is a metal forging in iron and
stainless with green glass eyes. 
It is 18" tall and represents
the baggage we carry through life.  

Baggage Detail
Close up showing beautiful hand hammered detail and texture in the iron and polished stainless

Flight Lessons
It is 21" in length by 13" in height. 
Depicting an exercise boy taking a 2 year old colt out for a morning exercise. 
The colt runs off with the rider who is about to take flight lessons. 

Doc! I Think I'm
Losing My Head!

Forged iron sculpture, 12" tall.

The Gaucho
Polished Stainless Steel Hand Forged

Gaucho Detail

Paired For Life 
Forged stainless steel -
20" in height - mirror polished,
represents taking a partner for life.  


Polished Stainless

The Great Heron,
This sculpture is in stainless steel
and is totally forged in the fire.
After forging it is polished and mounted. 

W.R. Nager Resume

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Showcasing Scale models of Proposed Sculptures

Life Size, 8' 4", Hand Hammered
Steel Horse Sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture, 27' in height,
represents the resurrection of Christ at Easter. 
This large sculpture weighs 3,500 lbs. 
It was done for a Miami developer
and is currently in Channel Side in Tampa.  

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